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As you may already know, we are taking some time off this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the year’s best articles. And in today’s edition, we’ve got you the best brand-centric stories of the year.

Ola isn’t off to an Electric start: An explainer on why Ola Electric is stumbling off the blocks.

The LIC IPO explained: An explainer on the government’s struggles with taking LIC public.

Is EY breaking up?: The story of one of the biggest breakups in the history of big accounting firms.

What’s in the Uber Files?: An explainer on the Uber Files.

VC money can’t buy Parle-G biscuits. What?: An explainer of how Udaan came up empty when they tried to procure Parle-G biscuits from Parle directly.

Is Google getting beat at its own game?: An explainer of how TikTok and Instagram are beating Google at its own game.

3 brands that built India: A post-independence day special on a few brands that helped build India.

The Adani-NDTV saga: Everything you need to know: An explainer on the Adani-NDTV saga.

Is Byju’s hype machine stumbling?: A story of Byju’s lacklustre financial results.

And that’s it from us this year. We hope you have a great new year bash! We’ll catch up in 2023.

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