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As you may already know, we are taking some time off this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the year’s best articles. And in today’s edition, we have curated the best stories on climate change.

The climate change report everybody should read: An explainer on the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The economic impact of India’s heatwaves: An explainer on India’s crippling heatwaves.

How to cool the earth without reducing emissions: An explainer on how to cool the earth without reducing emissions.

Tata Group’s attempt to capture CO2: An explainer on how companies are trying to reduce carbon emissions by using another novel approach

Trees and bees can impact a country’s credit rating: An explainer on how biodiversity can impact a country’s borrowing cost

An island that is cheering climate change?: An explainer on how climate change is affecting Greenland’s economy.

Who pays for climate change?: An explainer on why developing nations are demanding reparations from larger economies for climate change

An explainer on Carbon Border Tax: An explainer on why the EU wants to impose the world’s first-ever transnational carbon tax

The Fashion Destruction: An explainer on how the fashion industry pollutes the environment

Can Nuclear Fusion help fight climate change?: An explainer on whether an exciting new development in nuclear physics can help us fight climate change

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