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As you may already know, we are taking some time off this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the year’s best articles. And in today’s edition, we’ve got you the quirkiest stories of 2022.

A story about wartime inflation: An explainer on how wartime inflation affects you.

Is the pizza tax absurd?: An explainer on why the tax ruling on pizza topping is dividing a nation.

Netflix and fast cars are a money-making combo: An explainer on why F1 is all the rage these days.

Why are airlines betting on the Metaverse?: An explainer on why airlines are betting on the metaverse.

The economic cost of “aliens”: An explainer on the economic cost of invasive alien species.

When the lipstick met the Lamborghini: An explainer on what lipsticks and fast cars tell us about the economy.

How to monetise asteroids: An explainer on how to monetise asteroids.

The Extraordinary Lives of Ants: An explainer on how ants aid the environment.

The Chocolate Effect: An explainer on how chocolate keeps beating the recessionary doom and gloom.

Economists hate Secret Santa!: An explainer on why economists think Secret Santa has a big problem.

Quite quirky. What say you?

Anyway, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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