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As you may already know, we are taking some time off this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the best articles of the year. And in today’s edition, we have 2022’s best stories on policy.

What to make of India’s drone import ban?: An explainer on why India banned the import of drones.

The UK wants India drunk on its scotch whiskey: An explainer on why the UK insists on pushing scotch whiskey to India.

The illusion of plastic rice: An explainer on fortified rice.

Using QR codes to fight counterfeit drugs: An explainer on how India intends to use QR codes to curb the menace of counterfeit drugs.

The opium high for India’s private sector: An explainer on why the government is inviting private participation in opium processing.

One Nation, One Charger!: An explainer on why the government is mooting the idea of a single charger for all portable electronic devices.

Will the National Logistics Policy be a game-changer?: An explainer on the National Logistics Policy

India’s Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) Revolution?: An explainer on the battery swapping dream.

Fixing India’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme: An explainer on how the government is intending to fix India’s Mid Day Meal Scheme.

Exposing a Pharma secret: Evergreening!: An explainer on how Britain may be nudging India to dilute its patent laws.

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