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But we didn’t want to leave you hanging today. we’ve compiled a few reads from across the web that we found interesting last week.

Here’s a soundtrack to put you in the mood 🎵

We don’t know who Spotify user Wkqju is but they’ve created a playlist featuring songs we’ve recommended in the past. 🙂

Check it out here.

Finshots Recap ✅

On Monday, we had a story about why India is trying to get a credit rating upgrade.

On Tuesday, we wrote about how subsidising certain commodities such as oil and fertilizers impacts climate change.

On Wednesday, we lamented how angel investments in India have come on the back of VC-subsidised money.

On Thursday, we wrote about HDFC’s breakup with its ₹10,000 crore education loan company.

On Friday, we shared an economic theory to explain why Taylor Swift’s concert tickets are getting more expensive.

And on Saturday, we talked about how and why ideaForge is getting ready to fly its drones over Dalal Street.

Interesting reads from the world wide web 🔖

The Upside of Workplace Jargon

Last week, we told about how workplace jargon can make people unproductive. But in The Economist’s Bartleby column, they talk about how some jargon can actually help in fostering strong culture and improving efficiency.

Yeah, in a way, it’s the polar opposite of what the LinkedIn-Duolingo survey revealed.

The Case Against Travel

In The New Yorker, Agnes Callard opines that travel often “turns us into the worst version of ourselves while convincing us that we’re at our best.” She breaks down the lens through which we approach travel and tourism.

Maybe something to chew on when you make your next holiday plans?

Why You Believe the Things You Do

Morgan Housel says there’s a universal reality: “What you believe to be true is influenced by how much you want it to be true. The more something helps you deal with uncertainty, the lower the bar is for you to believe it’s true.” And in this quick read, he brings out some examples that make us introspect on our beliefs.

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