In this week’s wrapup, we talk about p2p lending, Amazon’s entry into the agri-tech space, a billion-dollar crypto scam, Climate Change’s impact on winemaking, and finally the battle over Milk.

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Understanding p2p lending

When you think of lending, the first thing that comes to mind is banks. However, banks are not exactly always the most accessible places for people in need of quick financing. Maybe your best bet is a p2p lending platform and since there’s been so much buzz around the whole thing of late, we prepared a wholesome explainer on the whole matter. You can check out  Monday’s Newsletter to know more.


Is Amazon entering the agri-tech space?

Recently some media reports have suggested that Amazon is foraying into the agri-tech space. Although Amazon has been dabbling with the fresh food category for a while, this new development seems to be a bit different. They seem to be going back to the roots and engaging with farmers directly. But before they can make a dent in this space, Amazon will need to understand the systemic problems plaguing the supply chain. So in our next story, we attempt to decode the many challenges Amazon may face as they try to fix the agriculture supply chain in India.


A billion-dollar crypto scam may finally be coming to a close

There’s been a lot of conversation surrounding cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin these days. El Salvador just adopted it as legal tender. Bitcoin breached the $50,000 mark for the first time since May. And India might be finally ready to introduce a bill regulating cryptos.

However, our topic for Wednesday was a bit different. Away from the glitz and glamour, we noticed a rather infamous crypto scam was coming to a close. So we decided to visit this old story dubbed “the Bitconnect fiasco” in Wednesday’s Newsletter.


How Climate Change is shifting the Wine map?

Winemaking is a delicate business and depends a lot on how the wine grapes respond to the environment they are grown in. The geology, the soil, the weather conditions, everything matters. But just like any other agricultural product winemaking too is at the mercy of climate change. And not just extreme weather events like floods and wildfires but also slow creeping disasters like Global warming. So, in Thursday’s Newsletter, we talked about how climate change is altering the wine map across the globe.


Almond Milk won’t be milk anymore?

India’s food regulator — the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a directive asking plant-based beverage companies to remove ‘milk’ from their brandings and labels. They’ve also instructed e-commerce companies to take down these products from the milk and dairy sections. So going forward we may not see the likes of almond and soy milk within the dairy category of grocery apps. And it’s not like this ruling came out of the blue. The dairy and vegan milk industries have for long fought against each other for the right to use the word ‘Milk’.

And both sides do make some very compelling arguments on the matter. So we decided to articulate those arguments for you in the Friday Newsletter.

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