At Finshots, we have one guiding principle for all that we do — simplification. In 2019, we began by simplifying business news for you. In 2021, we took that one step ahead and introduced simplified Insurance Advice for everyone. But we have realised that we want to do so much more for our community. With that, we’re introducing “Simplified Personal Finance”. Think of it as little nuggets that’ll help you in your journey towards financial freedom.

Like we’ve always said, we want to simplify all things finance, and finance isn’t just about company deals and economic policies. Finance is about individuals and that brings us to the personal side of it.

And what better way to begin than with budgeting. After all, we’re not limitlessly rich — money and time-wise. But we all hate it when someone asks us to open a spreadsheet and list all our expenses. It’s such a tedious task! So, is there a better way to ease into it and not get annoyed by the very thought of a budget?

Maybe we can start at the top and work our way down.

See, there’s a super high-level budgeting method called the 50/30/20 rule. If we’re being honest, it’s more of a guideline to get you started.

Think of it as three buckets that you have to fill up.

So, you take your income and divide it quickly. 50% you dump into the “Adulting“ bucket. This is money you absolutely need for things like your rent, groceries, utilities — the fixed expenses.

Now that’s out of the way, you need to have fun in your life too — going to the movies, eating out, shopping at your favourite fashion store, so you set aside 30% of your income into the “Life is great” bucket. So whenever you feel the urge to splurge, this is what you’ll dip into. If you’re running low on cash here, well, you just have to wait it out till it gets refilled with your next pay.

And finally, imagine what you want your life to be like in the future. You may want to retire early. You may want to buy that dream car. So many goals to knock it out of the park. How do we get there if we don’t save and invest? Well, 20% of our income goes towards that “Future You”.

By doing this simple hack, you’re taking care of yourself today and you’re taking care of your future. Most importantly, you’ll sleep well at night!

And we know it’s really really simple. But that’s the whole point. We’ll start with something simple and hopefully, build on from here. And so before you go, here’s something you can do for us. Write to us at and let us know if you have any questions about budgeting. We will collate all the questions and address them together. So hopefully, more people can learn from this exercise.

And also, if you have any thoughts on what you’d like us to talk about as we take this personal finance journey together, do drop us a message. Don’t be shy. And with that, here’s the weekly wrapup.

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