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As you may already know, we are taking some time off this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the year’s best articles. And in today’s edition, we have curated a list of Finshots stories that we thought were out of the box.

The mystery of India’s missing monuments―An explainer on the economics surrounding India’s missing monuments.

The Silent crisis of Light pollution―An explainer on how light pollution is hurting the economy and the environment.

What if women were paid for daily chores?―An explainer on how unpaid work could be compensated.

Whales! A climate solution no one is talking about―An explainer on whether whales can solve climate change.

Your EV could be hurting the world. And your pocket.―An explainer on why hybrid vehicles may be a better alternative when compared to electric vehicles.

Taylor Swift and the Baumol Effect―An explainer on why concert ticket prices might seem to be getting more and more expensive each year.

The economics of protecting endangered animals―A story that dives into the economics of protecting endangered animals.

Do we really need central banks???―An explainer on the utility of central banks and whether they do more harm than good.

The impact of long notice periods―A story about the adverse effects of long notice periods.

Can an EV power your home?―A story that talks about vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G).

We hope you enjoyed this recap. Have a blast on New Year’s Eve! We’ll be back with a fresh Finshots story in 2024.

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