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As you may already know, we are on a hiatus this week. However, we promised to bring you some of the best articles of the year. And on today's edition, we'll be listing some of our best articles on the complicated subject matter of taxes.


  1. When Sachin wasn’t a cricketer — One of our most-read articles. This piece succinctly captures how different court judgements have altered the course of tax planning in India. And yes, it has Sachin in it.
  2. Do not underestimate the taxman — A classic case study of how the taxman went after Flipkart and Tiger Global in a bid to retrieve billions in taxes.
  3. The Vodafone Tax Saga — One of the longest-running tax sagas in Indian corporate history simplified.
  4. What if we abolished the Income Tax? — This is perhaps one of the most controversial pieces we’ve written this year.
  5. And finally, Tax Havens and why they exist? — A story on the evolution of global tax havens

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