In this week's wrapup we talk about the electric dream, Jio's broken promises and how we might just get better at finding Black Money. Oh! and also about Juul.


Are we going electric or not?

On Monday, we talked about the electric dream and the many challenges of introducing battery-powered vehicles in this country. We put together the story after we found out that the industry only managed to sell about 8000 electric cars in the past 6 years. That is a rather dismal figure and we wanted to see what was dragging sales.

And then we also talked about BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) and the government’s plan to privatise it. In fact, while everybody presumed that privatisation wasn’t possible because of legislation, the government was probably laughing on the sidelines knowing full well that it repealed all the relevant acts preventing a total sale. This was back in 2016. And yeah, nobody noticed. Anyway, there are some major implications here if BPCL were to go private. So maybe you’d want to read the whole thing here.

On Tuesday, we took the day off. It’s holiday season no? We need to take some time off too.


The Black Money Agreement

We were back on Wednesday though and we had some big news. Our first story was about tax evasion — specifically about a global arrangement that allows for the exchange of financial information to aid countries in identifying potential tax fraud. The story was of particular interest to us because Switzerland was just about to release the first tranche of information to India and we wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Then we also talked about problems in the Pharma Sector. We wanted to find out why pharma stocks were taking a beating in the markets. And the reasons weren’t exactly surprising so to speak. But anyway, if you want to read more you should probably check out the full story here.


The End of an Era

On Thursday, the big story was about Jio and broken promises. After Reliance Jio stated that customers will now have to pay 6 paise every minute whilst making calls to other networks, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise. In fact, many people soon took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. But that wasn’t our focus. We wanted to know why. We wanted to find out what happens now. And if you want to get the inside scoop go read the whole thing here.


Why everybody's talking about Juul?

On Friday, we had another big story — E-cigarettes and Juul. This was more a cover piece detailing Juul’s fall from grace and all the problems plaguing the new age vaping company. It’s too hard for us to summarise the entire story here. So in case if you’re still interested, you can find a detailed exposition here.

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And that’s it from us today. We will see you next week. Ciao!!!