If you think this past week was a party; Deceit, fraud and worry was definitely the theme 🥁

Business and Policy

Reaching for the Stars 🌟

Should the likes of Ola and Uber be worried?

That was our main story for Monday and we tried to see if a local cab aggregator from Bengaluru could disrupt a long-standing duopoly in the cab-hailing market.

In other news we talked about the government's plan to carve a $5 trillion economy out of India. It seems to us that the government wants to achieve this by crowd-sourcing opinions, especially from the good people working at various banks in the country.

And so in the spirit of helping collate opinions we made a nice little compilation for you on a few things that might possibly help in kick starting the economy.

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Markets and Policy

Gold is the new Gold

On Tuesday we talked about gold mainly because it just keeps chugging along.

It seems like most people have lost all hope of making money in the markets, given all this talk about an impending recession and all that. Instead, they have decided to stock up on gold and it's been on the rise since.

And then, things got a bit awkward when RBI wanted to make things official er… in linking bank’s borrowing rates to the repo rate. Banks’ rates do go hand-in-hand (sort of) with RBI’s repo, but the banks would prefer having more autonomy on this matter as opposed to simply following RBIs cue. It's a complicated matter and it's best you read this stuff in more detail.

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Markets and Business

When will this stop?

The DHFL saga was the main story for Wednesday

At this point, no one’s fully sure if it’s an ongoing concern or a going concern. Get it? 🤭

Anyway, A resolution plan is still in the works and we are not sure if there's going to be additional fallout from this.

Elsewhere in the world, Apple’s CEO met US President Donald Trump to discuss about the impact of trade wars on his company. Long story short, Apple manufactures its goods in China and the cost to manufacture an iPhone just shot up 10 percent and so he needs Trump to reconsider his decision.

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Business and Markets

Patanjali needs a Kapalabhati?

Thursday we talked about Patanjali and Crompton Greaves.

Patanjali's explosive growth seems to have come at a cost and we went digging for answers. Crompton Greaves (CG Group) on the other hand seems to have just noticed an accounting glitch… a thousand crore accounting glitch BTW.

The stock immediately took a beating and we created a dummy’s guide to explain what the company has had to say about the whole matter.

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Fraud and Policy

Quid Pro Quo Sir?

Chidambaram and the CBIs itinerary for the week, finally clashed Thursday night. And in a bid to understand how all this came about, we did a quick recap on the whole foreign investment shenanigan at INX media and its alleged connections to the former finance minister and his family. Maybe check it out?

Next, we took a proper look at the government's plans to review the free trade agreement. And in the hope of developing a better understanding of why India's overseas trade agreements need to be reviewed, we made some "steel talk" and explained  a whole host of scenarios that might affect this decision.

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