In this week’s wrapup, we will discuss Arvind Subramanian’s paper on India’s economic slowdown, why small traders across the country are protesting, the story behind Boeing’s stay on the production of Max 737 airplanes, and the return of Cyrus Mistry.

Let’s get to it then.


The Great Slowdown is here

On Monday, we simplified Arvind Subramanian’s paper on the great economic slowdown. It sort of answers the most burning questions any curious Indian might harbour — Why did economic prospects suddenly sour when it seemed like we were on a growth path only a few years ago? Is it possible to reverse the current trends and put India back on track? Is the current economic predicament cyclical, or is this the beginning of a structural slowdown that’s going to persist for a long time?

The paper addresses this and more and we’ve drafted an oversimplified account right here.


The Great Reform

On Tuesday, we decided to delve into the second part of Subramanian’s paper: reforms to fix the economy.

And considering its a long list of detailed prescriptions, we don’t want to give too much away. So do read the full summary here.


Traders Vs. Flipkart and Amazon

On Wednesday, we talked about why small traders all over India are up in arms against e-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon.

So the story goes that our government is now planning to lift hundreds and thousands of MSME’s out of obscurity and help them reach millions of consumers elsewhere. They plan to achieve this feat by listing said MSME’s on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. Unfortunately, the trader’s association is miffed about the whole arrangement.

Why? you ask. Read this story to find out.


Boeing, Boeing, Gone.

On Thursday, we did a story on Boeing and all the turbulence the company has had to deal with over the past 12 months. Now if you are new to this story, know this much — In the past few months, two of its aircraft (737 Max) malfunctioned midair, sending hundreds of passengers plummeting to their death. This led to a global grounding of that particular aircraft model and eventually Boeing had to halt production indefinitely.

But how did the company ever manufacture a faulty aircraft in the first place? Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The return of Mistry

On Friday, we talked about the sudden dismissal of Cyrus Mistry and the implications on the Tata Group now that he’s been reinstated. In 2016, Mistry was voted out as Chairman during a Tata Sons board meeting without being offered prior notice. At the time, he said this move was illegal and went to court contesting the decision. While initially, the courts refused to side with him, the appeals court eventually passed a judgement vindicating his stand.

Want a more detailed review? Read the dramatic story here.

That’s all, folks! Happy weekend.:)

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