In this week’s wrapup, we talk about inheritance tax, rising dal prices, the masala contamination controversy, why ATM operators are asking for higher fees and why the government is clamping down on health drinks.

Here’s a recap.

Let's talk about inheritance tax

A few days ago, Sam Pitroda, a telecommunication engineer, entrepreneur, and also a former advisor to Late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, stirred up a controversy with his take on inheritance tax. He thinks that taxing inherited wealth is a great way to uplift the poor.

So we wrote a story analysing the debate. You can read it here.


Over the past year tur dal prices have shot up by a whopping 31%! And that has got the government worried. It thinks that people are manipulating the price of dal.

But is that true? Find out in Tuesday's newsletter here.

How safe are your masalas?

Singapore and Hong Kong recently banned some spices from MDH and Everest after their regulators found a potentially cancer-causing substance called ethylene oxide (EtO), in the powders. But then, the EU found similar contaminants in these powders. And that opened the doors to investigations by other countries such as Australia and the US.

So, what's going on? We wrote an explainer on it in Wednesday's newsletter.

Do ATMs need a pay rise?

ATM operators are in a bit of a pickle. They haven't been making enough money to cover the costs of running their operations, for a long time now. That's also why India's semi urban and rural areas aren't being equipped with enough ATMs. It's actually a threat to financial inclusion. And a few days ago ATM operators were raising their concerns against it.

So in Thursday's newsletter, we wrote an explainer telling you how these folks make money and what can be done to fix their plight.

Horlicks and Bournvita no longer health drinks?

I’m a Complan boy! I’m a Complan girl!

Boost is the Secret of My Energy

Horlicks — Get Taller, Stronger, Sharper.

These aren't just catchy jingles but have even convinced an entire generation that these powdered milk drinks are healthy. But their claims may be crumbling because India's food regulator recently issued a directive asking such brands to drop the "health" label from their drinks.

So in Friday newsletter, we wrote about what's happening.

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