In this week's wrap-up we talk about the SBI-Adani loan, data breaches, the Burger King IPO, trademark squatters, pepper woes and HDFC Bank's latest goof up.

But before that, a note on this week's Finshots Markets.

This week Shree Cement’s stock price breached its yearly high. And while that isn’t surprising in itself, the rally came against the backdrop of stellar results for the months of July, August and September, when most businesses were still struggling to cope with the pandemic. So we thought we could look at Shree Cement and its performance, particularly considering it’s part of the Nifty 50 now. Read the full story here.

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The SBI-Adani Loan

During the 1st ODI between India and Australia, two protestors barged into the Sydney Cricket Ground holding a sign that said "No $1B Adani Loan." And considering the sign made a reference to Adani and the State Bank of India, we thought we could look at the issue more closely. So on Monday we talked about why people in Australia are so concerned about two Indian companies. More details here.


The Economic Cost of Data Breaches

BigBasket, Unacademy, Justdial, SBI, Haldiram’s — All these companies have one thing in common. They’ve had to deal with data breaches in the recent past. But for some reason, we don’t seem to care a lot about these things. Yes, they’ll make the headlines for a few days. But then they fade into the background and we stop talking about it altogether.

So on Tuesday we thought we could look at a few case studies and expose the true cost of a data breach. Link here.


Finshots Special-The Burger King IPO

On Wednesday we talked about the Burger King IPO.

After a topsy-turvy start to the year, Burger King finally decided go public. And while the company still continues to post losses, demand for the IPO has been quite staggering. However if you are looking to ignore the hype and analyse this issue with a pragmatic lens, maybe you need something more substantial. And our story on the IPO should help on this front. Read the full story here.


The Scourge of Trademark Squatting

Back in October 2019, a resident from Delhi filed an application to register the trademark “PS5” in the country. And although the trademark wasn’t granted to the individual, Sony realised they could have a problem on their hands since somebody else was staking a claim. In fact, almost everybody was anticipating a long drawn out court battle. But then, the gentleman withdrew his claim all of a sudden and that was that. Sony was in the clear once again. But it does beg the question—Who are these people? And we answer that question here.


The Pepper Problem

On Friday, we talked about pepper and HDFC Bank. The pepper story was weird because on the one hand, a decline in prices benefits consumer. But it also hurts producers who put so much time and effort in growing this crop. The HDFC story was much less conflicting considering you couldn't  fault RBI for rapping them on the knuckles. Anyway, two different stories and if you want to read them both, do check  out the full report here.

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