In this week’s wrapup we talk about Victoria's Secret, E-Commerce Rules, the latest stimulus package, corporate landlords in the US, and finally Mukesh Ambani’s foray into renewables.

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The rise, fall, and rise of Victoria's Secret?

Victoria’s Secret was always more about what men wanted as opposed to what women wanted themselves. And in some ways, this was bound to backfire, which it did. But considering the company is now trying to make amends and re-emerge with a different ethos altogether, we thought it would make sense to see how it all went so wrong for the iconic lingerie brand.

Do give it a read.


Is this the end of the road for the e-commerce juggernaut?

A couple of weeks ago, the government introduced new amendments to the e-commerce rules in a bid to ensure that the likes of Amazon and Flipkart play by the rulebook. And while some amendments were definitely on the mark, others were a bit vague and perhaps a bit too harsh as well.

So we thought we could write a comprehensive piece on how these new rules may impact the industry even though they haven't been notified yet. You can read more here.


The Stimulus Package Explained in 3 minutes

This week the government also introduced a stimulus package to breathe new life into the economy and if you’re looking for a simple explanation on the matter, we wrote a 3-minute article elaborating on some of the key features and how it may bring some respite for industries like tourism, healthcare, etc.


The Biggest Landlord of them all

Imagine for a moment you’re all set to buy a nice new home. You’ve saved up for years. You have a family. You think it’s an investment worth making and you’re about to realize the quintessential middle-class dream. And then suddenly out of the blue, you find out you’re being stacked up against a multibillion-dollar company in a bidding war. In fact, they’re routinely outbidding you by paying 20–50% more.  There’s no chance in hell you’re buying that house when you’re up against such competition and it’s happening across the US.

So on Thursday we tried to make sense of what is happening in the US housing market, and how large corporations may be distorting it right now. You can read this absorbing story right here.


Why is Mukesh Ambani foraying into renewables now?

A few days back Mukesh Ambani unveiled a plan to invest up to 75,000 crores in green energy initiatives, thereby marking a spectacular entry into the renewables business. He told investors he planned to invest this sum over three years and build solar giga factories, fuel cells, and nurture partnerships that would cement RIL’s place in this new domain.

But the big questions still remain? Why now?

We tried to answer this in Friday's newsletter.

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