In this week's wrapup, we talk about the new Broadcasting Bill, Wipro’s troubles, the world of corporate bonds and more.

For the markets edition this week, we talked about the the InoxCVA IPO and its cryogenic equipment manufacturing business. Click here to read it.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap of what we wrote over the week.

Why are people worried about the new Broadcasting Bill?

Last week the government extended the deadline for receiving public comments on the controversial Draft Broadcasting Services (Regulation) Bill, 2023 by roughly over a month.

And the reason why we call it controversial is because the government intends to bring in a content evaluation system of sorts before it goes out on the internet. It could curtail the newfound creative freedom that on demand apps like YouTube and Vimeo gave creators. Heck, it could even control the kind of content that goes out on online news portals, websites, social media or other similar mediums. So yup. Finshots too.

So we wrote a story on the concerns around this new Broadcasting Bill. You can read it here.

What went wrong with Doubtnut?

Private tuitions are a big business in India. But apparently, over 70% of the time in these classes is spent on clearing doubts. That’s because teachers at school may cover the syllabus but every student may not be able to get one-to-one attention. That’s probably something the founders of Doubtnut, a doubt-solving edtech firm realised. And well, that’s why they built this business. The idea clicked and Doubtnut was once valued at nearly $150 million!

But last week a coaching institute called Allen bought Doubtnut for a measly $10 million. How did Doubtnut’s cookie crumble? We discussed that in our story here.

What is happening at Wipro?

Between July and September Wipro missed the sales and profit expectations that research firms thought it would achieve. That disappointed them of course. But there was someone else who was also disappointed with how things were shaping up at the IT giant ― Its founder Azim Premji. And the problem could actually be Wipro’s CEO itself. That’s why we wrote a story explaining what exactly is going on at Wipro. You can read it here.

A fresh coat of paint for India's corporate bond market?

A couple of days ago market regulator SEBI proposed to make some tweaks to how corporate bonds could be issued. It intends to lower the face value of privately issued corporate bonds to ₹10,000 a pop. And this could be a move that makes these bonds affordable for investors like you and me. So we wrote a story explaining SEBI’s proposal here.

The F-Word stirs up COP28!

This year’s climate change conference sort of made history. Because it was the first time ever that an international climate agreement actually agreed to reduce the use of stuff like coal, oil and gases or simply fossil fuels that eat up the earth.

But it was quite ironical too as the conference was hosted by an oil producing country itself ― the UAE! Not just that, the President of the conference Sultan Al Jaber was also the head of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, an oil company. And yet the COP28 managed to agree to something that was against the interests of both its president and the host country. So we wrote a story about this historic agreement that nearly 200 countries signed. You can read it here.

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