Happy Christmas folks. Hope you and your family are having a great holiday. And while 2020 has probably been a roller coaster year for all of us, I just wanted to take a few seconds and appreciate the kind of support we’ve received from readers like you. Frankly, in the midst of all the doom and gloom surrounding Covid, your constant support and words of encouragement have served as a guiding beacon for all of us here at Finshots. With your backing, we managed to launch one of the best apps of 2020 (according to Google), top the podcast charts (at No 2) and grow our readership exponentially. This journey has been quite amazing and we owe it all to you. So on behalf of everyone here at Finshots, I just want to say —

Thank you :)

And here’s a big bear hug :P

Also, we won’t be publishing a story today. In fact, we will be going on a short hiatus for this next week. So you won’t be receiving new daily stories until January 2nd. Instead we will mail you some of our best articles from 2020. Yes, we know it’s not ideal. But this is probably the first break we’ve had since starting Finshots. And frankly, considering how 2020 turned out, we desperately need this one. Please accept our apologies and bear with us for this short period.

So yeah, we will see you again on January 2nd with a new story. Until then…

Stay safe and stay jolly.

Yours truly,
Shrehith Karkera
Co-founder, Finshots