Hey folks,

We’re taking a short break from the Sunny Side Up.

Now before you shoot us angry emails, just hear us out.

Two years ago, we introduced a limited-edition newsletter. We called the 8-part series Money Resolutions, and we covered a whole bunch of stuff — starting from figuring out your unique relationship with money to making a one-page investment plan.

And many of you sent us messages saying how much you loved this series.

After the end of that series, we still wanted to give you a dose of Finshots on Sundays. So we launched the Sunny Side Up newsletter which is a smorgasbord of interesting things happening in the world. And since we didn’t want to leave you without a dose of personal finance wisdom, we introduced a section called Money Tips in this newsletter.

But it looks like that wasn’t enough for all of you. 🙂 Messages came thick and fast asking if we were going to do something new again.

So, guess what…we heard you. We’re back again with a limited-edition personal finance newsletter! And we’re calling this Money Milestones!

This is what it will look like. For the next 4 weeks, you will receive a newsletter where we’ll talk about some of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life. None of this is absolute financial advice. Think of it more of a discussion between friends, yeah?

We’ll begin with the first big milestone of getting your first paycheque. What do you do when you get the taste of freedom as the money hits your bank account?

Then we move on to another big event — should you prepare yourself to buy a house or are you better off renting it forever?

Maybe it’s time to take the next leap after that — if you want to raise kids, you’ll definitely not want to ignore the financial aspects of it. Or maybe you bring home a furry friend to hone your parenting skills? We’ll talk about that too.

And finally, it’s about making the big decision — Retirement! Or rather, FIRE! What will it take for you to become financially independent and retire early?


Well, don’t forget to tune in next Sunday for Edition #1 of what we hope will be a cracker of a series. And in the meantime, click here to revisit the Finshots Money Resolutions series.

See you then!

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