In this week’s wrapup, we talk about the Big Mac, Russia's growing war economy, credit default swaps, a midnight theft in Dadar and special category status for states.

Here’s a recap.

McDonald's doesn't own the Big Mac anymore

Supermac’s, Ireland’s largest fast-food chain, has been fighting to cancel McDonald's' Big Mac trademark. And it might sound silly because most of us associate the Big Mac with the American fast-food giant. Guess what, though? Supermac's won the case. So McDonald's may have just lost its exclusive right to using the Big Mac label.

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Russia is now the fourth largest economy. But how?

The World Bank recently released a report. It compared the economic output of different economies in the form of the goods and services they produced, while also considering their standards of living, and found out that Russia is actually the world's fourth largest economy! But if Russia is amidst a war, how is its economy improving?

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SEBI unlocks the CDS market for Mutual Funds

A few days ago, market regulator SEBI allowed Mutual Funds to buy and sell Credit Default Swaps or CDS. Think of it as a protection against the risk of default of a corporate bond.

And don't worry if that sounded complicated. We broke it down for you in Wednesday's newsletter. You can read it here.

A daring heist in Dadar

Sometime this week, a group of men in Mumbai's Dadar dug up a road in the dead of night to look for some unusual stuff to steal. And while they were successful with the theft, local Mumbaikars mistook it for the usual municipal work, a common sight in the area. But no sooner had they discovered that no such activities were scheduled, than the true nature of the midnight excavation came to light. This was calculated theft.

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What's in a state's special category status?

India just formed a new government a few days ago. And with all of the buzz around the election, there's some new talk in town ― “Special Category Status” or SCS for states. The two main contenders for this tag are Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. But why do they want it?

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